For the past five to six years, USPTO awarded Guitar Center 3 patents and 3 design patents.

1 10,575,078 Shock mount
2 10,544,817 Keyed interlocking support stand
3 D859,370 Microphone
4 D849,129 Hexagonal…

Lately TSMC was awarded the following US patents.

11,082,035 Digitally controlled delay line circuit and method
11,081,642 MTJ CD variation by HM trimming
11,081,563 Formation of silicide contacts in semiconductor devices
11,081,500 Semiconductor structure and method of forming the same
11,081,480 Semiconductor structure, capacitor structure thereof and manufacturing method of the same
11,081,475 Integrated circuit…

Waymo was just granted the following new US patents.

11,082,643 Systems and methods for binning light detectors
11,080,267 Validating road intersections
11,079,768 Use of a reference image to detect a road obstacle
11,077,863 Secondary disengage alert for autonomous vehicles

The patent US11,077,863 “Secondary disengage alert for autonomous vehicles” addresses the…

It is a critical task to ensure a computed trajectory of a driverless vehicle will not incur collision with another object. In one of the recently granted US patent #11073832, an inventor from Waymo disclosed a system and method for avoiding or mitigating collisions by an autonomous vehicle. …

In addition to 17 designs, USPTO awarded Apple 54 new patents during the Week 3 of July 2021.

Many of the new Apple patents are aligned with the technology of wireless communication. A sample list of these wireless communication patents can be found below.

11,071,172 Bandwidth adaptation for wireless communication…

Apple continued to grasp more granted designs/patents and enrich its IP portfolio.

In the granted design D919,651 “Electronic device with animated graphical user interface” (continuation of D890,202 and D878,416), inventors from Apple Bradley William Griffin and Christopher Daryl Soli claim an innovation that features animated graphical user interface on the…

How do we picture the future of aerospace and defense technology (in the USA)?

The US MDA (Missile Defense Agency) lately called for proposals to address the challenges of accurate object classification. The objective of this proposal is to design a cross-sensors AI/ML system that empowers the interceptor. This system…

In 2020, the investment into healthcare companies reached an all-time record of $6.6 billion. What did the healthcare giants say about healthcare AI startups? …

Is the winter coming for the pianists who are competing in the Queen Elisabeth Competition taking place …


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